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<title>Orekit Changes</title>
<release version="5.0" date="TBD"
<release version="5.0" date="2010-05-06"
description="version 5.0 is a major release of Orekit. It introduces several new
features and bug fixes. Some slight incompatibilities with respect to previous
versions have been introduced, but they should be easy to overcome to users. Users
are strongly advised to upgrade to this version. The major points introduced in version
5.0 are a very general PVCoordinatesProvider interface, a new shiftedBy method allowing
many time-dependent instances (AbsoluteDate, Orbit, PVCoordinates, Attitude and SpacecraftState)
to be slightly shifted in time using simple evolution models (keplerian for orbit, fixed
angular rate for attitude, fixed translation for position/velocity), a redesign of the
attitude interfaces and an experimental (read subject to change) numerical propagator
able to compute jacobians of the state with respect to both initial state and force
models parameters. Version 5.0 now depends on version 2.1 of Apache commons math.">
<action dev="pascal" type="add">
a new experimental numerical propagator has been added, in addition to computing
the spacecraft state at target time, it also computes the partial derivatives of
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