Commit b272da5a authored by Luc Maisonobe's avatar Luc Maisonobe
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fixed an interpolation error un Ephemeris class for orbits crossing the -PI/+PI singularity

parent 8bf22a6a
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ import java.util.TreeSet;
import org.apache.commons.math.geometry.Rotation;
import org.apache.commons.math.geometry.Vector3D;
import org.apache.commons.math.util.MathUtils;
import org.orekit.attitudes.Attitude;
import org.orekit.errors.OrekitException;
import org.orekit.frames.Frame;
......@@ -131,7 +132,7 @@ public class Ephemeris implements BoundedPropagator {
final double ey = cN * previous.getEquinoctialEy() + cP * next.getEquinoctialEy();
final double hx = cN * previous.getHx() + cP * next.getHx();
final double hy = cN * previous.getHy() + cP * next.getHy();
final double lv = cN * previous.getLv() + cP * next.getLv();
final double lv = cN * previous.getLv() + cP * MathUtils.normalizeAngle(next.getLv(), previous.getLv());
return new EquinoctialOrbit(a, ex, ey, hx, hy, lv,
......@@ -104,6 +104,10 @@
added a reset feature in all propagators, allowing to reuse an already configured
propagator for several different orbits
<action dev="luc" type="fix" >
fixed an interpolation error for orbits crossing the -PI/+PI singularity between
entries in the Ephemeris class
<action dev="luc" type="update" >
KeplerianPropagator now preserve orbits types
......@@ -19,21 +19,27 @@ package org.orekit.propagation;
import java.text.ParseException;
import org.apache.commons.math.geometry.Vector3D;
import org.junit.After;
import org.junit.Assert;
import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.orekit.Utils;
import org.orekit.bodies.CelestialBodyFactory;
import org.orekit.errors.OrekitException;
import org.orekit.errors.PropagationException;
import org.orekit.frames.Frame;
import org.orekit.frames.FramesFactory;
import org.orekit.orbits.CartesianOrbit;
import org.orekit.orbits.KeplerianOrbit;
import org.orekit.orbits.Orbit;
import org.orekit.propagation.analytical.EcksteinHechlerPropagator;
import org.orekit.time.AbsoluteDate;
import org.orekit.time.DateComponents;
import org.orekit.time.TimeComponents;
import org.orekit.time.TimeScale;
import org.orekit.time.TimeScalesFactory;
import org.orekit.utils.PVCoordinates;
public class TabulatedEphemerisTest {
......@@ -82,6 +88,49 @@ public class TabulatedEphemerisTest {
public void testPiWraping() throws OrekitException {
TimeScale utc= TimeScalesFactory.getUTC();
Frame frame = FramesFactory.getEME2000();
double mu=CelestialBodyFactory.getEarth().getGM();
AbsoluteDate t0 = new AbsoluteDate(2009, 10, 29, 0, 0, 0, utc);
AbsoluteDate t1 = new AbsoluteDate(t0, 1320.0);
Vector3D p1 = new Vector3D(-0.17831296727974E+08, 0.67919502669856E+06, -0.16591008368477E+07);
Vector3D v1 = new Vector3D(-0.38699705630724E+04, -0.36209408682762E+04, -0.16255053872347E+03);
SpacecraftState s1 = new SpacecraftState(new CartesianOrbit(new PVCoordinates(p1, v1), frame, t1, mu));
AbsoluteDate t2 = new AbsoluteDate(t0, 1440.0);
Vector3D p2 = new Vector3D(-0.18286942572033E+08, 0.24442124296930E+06, -0.16777961761695E+07);
Vector3D v2 = new Vector3D(-0.37252897467918E+04, -0.36246628128896E+04, -0.14917724596280E+03);
SpacecraftState s2 = new SpacecraftState(new CartesianOrbit(new PVCoordinates(p2, v2), frame, t2, mu));
AbsoluteDate t3 = new AbsoluteDate(t0, 1560.0);
Vector3D p3 = new Vector3D(-0.18725635245837E+08, -0.19058407701834E+06, -0.16949352249614E+07);
Vector3D v3 = new Vector3D(-0.35873348682393E+04, -0.36248828501784E+04, -0.13660045394149E+03);
SpacecraftState s3 = new SpacecraftState(new CartesianOrbit(new PVCoordinates(p3, v3), frame, t3, mu));
Ephemeris ephem= new Ephemeris(new SpacecraftState[] { s1, s2, s3 });
Vector3D pA = ephem.propagate(new AbsoluteDate(t0, 24 * 60)).getPVCoordinates(frame).getPosition();
Assert.assertEquals(-18286942.572, pA.getX(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( 244421.243, pA.getY(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( -1677796.176, pA.getZ(), 1.0e-3);
Vector3D pB = ephem.propagate(new AbsoluteDate(t0, 25 * 60)).getPVCoordinates(frame).getPosition();
Assert.assertEquals(-18505774.837, pB.getX(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( 29483.655, pB.getY(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( -1686453.500, pB.getZ(), 1.0e-3);
Vector3D pC = ephem.propagate(new AbsoluteDate(t0, 26 * 60)).getPVCoordinates(frame).getPosition();
Assert.assertEquals(-18725635.246, pC.getX(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( -190584.077, pC.getY(), 1.0e-3);
Assert.assertEquals( -1694935.225, pC.getZ(), 1.0e-3);
private void checkEphemerides(BasicPropagator eph1, BasicPropagator eph2, AbsoluteDate date,
double threshold, boolean expectedBelow)
throws PropagationException {
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