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added constructor for AbsoluteDate with String

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......@@ -139,6 +139,20 @@ public class AbsoluteDate implements TimeStamped, Comparable<AbsoluteDate>, Seri
offset = J2000_EPOCH.offset;
/** Build an instance from a location (parsed from a string) in a {@link TimeScale time scale}.
* <p>
* The supported formats for location are mainly the ones defined in ISO-8601 standard,
* the exact subset is explained in {@link DateTimeComponents#parseDateTime(String)},
* {@link DateComponents#parseDate(String)} and {@link TimeComponents#parseTime(String)}.
* </p>
* @param location location in the time scale, must be in a supported format
* @param timeScale time scale
* @exception IllegalArgumentException if location string is not in a supported format
public AbsoluteDate(final String location, final TimeScale timeScale) {
this(DateTimeComponents.parseDateTime(location), timeScale);
/** Build an instance from a location in a {@link TimeScale time scale}.
* @param location location in the time scale
* @param timeScale time scale
......@@ -54,6 +54,16 @@ public class AbsoluteDateTest {
public void testParse() throws OrekitException {
new AbsoluteDate("1858-W46-3", TimeScalesFactory.getTT()));
new AbsoluteDate("-4712-01-01T12:00:00.000", TimeScalesFactory.getTT()));
new AbsoluteDate("1950-01-01", TimeScalesFactory.getTT()));
public void testOutput() {
TimeScale tt = TimeScalesFactory.getTT();
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