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......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ import org.orekit.utils.TimeSpanMap;
* \(m = m_0 - q (t - t_s)\), where \(m\) is current mass, \(m_0\) is initial mass and \(t_s\) is
* maneuver trigger time. A delay \(dt_s\) on trigger time induces delaying mass depletion.
* We get:
* \[d\vec{\Gamma} = \frac{-\vec{F}}{m^2}} dm = \frac{-\vec{F}}{m^2} q dt_s = -\vec{Gamma}\frac{q}{m} dt_s\]
* \[d\vec{\Gamma} = \frac{-\vec{F}}{m^2} dm = \frac{-\vec{F}}{m^2} q dt_s = -\vec{Gamma}\frac{q}{m} dt_s\]
* From this total differential, we extract the partial derivative of the acceleration
* \[\frac{\partial\vec{\Gamma}}{\partial t_s} = -\vec{Gamma}\frac{q}{m}\]
* </p>
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