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# Orekit tutorials
This project contains tutorials for the [Orekit]( space dynamics library.
## Download
### Official releases
[Official Orekit tutorial releases](
are available on our [Gitlab instance](
### Development version
To get the latest development version, please clone our official repository
and checkout the `develop` branch:
git clone -b develop
## Getting help
The main communication channel is our [forum]( You
can report bugs and suggest new features in our
[issues tracking system]( When
reporting security issues check the "This issue is confidential" box.
## Dependencies
Orekit tutorials relies on the following
[FOSS]( libraries,
all released under business friendly FOSS licenses.
### Compile-time/run-time dependencies
* [Orekit](, a space flight dynamics library released under
the Apache License, version 2.0.
* [Hipparchus](, a mathematics library released under
the Apache License, version 2.0.
### Test-time dependencies
* [JUnit 4](, a widely used unit test framework released
under the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.
* [Mockito](, a mocking framework for unit tests,
released under MIT license.
## License
Orekit tutorials are licensed by [CS Systèmes d'Information]( under
the [Apache License, version 2.0](
A copy of this license is provided in the [LICENSE.txt](LICENSE.txt) file.
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