Commit e2475b89 authored by Evan Ward's avatar Evan Ward
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Fix checkstyle in Transform for #903

parent 979d60c0
......@@ -404,8 +404,8 @@ public class Transform implements
final CartesianDerivativesFilter cFilter,
final AngularDerivativesFilter aFilter,
final Collection<Transform> sample) {
final List<TimeStampedPVCoordinates> datedPV = new ArrayList<TimeStampedPVCoordinates>(sample.size());
final List<TimeStampedAngularCoordinates> datedAC = new ArrayList<TimeStampedAngularCoordinates>(sample.size());
final List<TimeStampedPVCoordinates> datedPV = new ArrayList<>(sample.size());
final List<TimeStampedAngularCoordinates> datedAC = new ArrayList<>(sample.size());
for (final Transform t : sample) {
datedPV.add(new TimeStampedPVCoordinates(t.getDate(), t.getTranslation(), t.getVelocity(), t.getAcceleration()));
datedAC.add(new TimeStampedAngularCoordinates(t.getDate(), t.getRotation(), t.getRotationRate(), t.getRotationAcceleration()));
......@@ -761,13 +761,14 @@ public class Transform implements
public <T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>> FieldPVCoordinates<T>
transformPVCoordinates(final FieldPVCoordinates<T> pv) {
transformPVCoordinates(final FieldPVCoordinates<T> pv) {
return pv;
public <T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>> TimeStampedFieldPVCoordinates<T>
transformPVCoordinates(final TimeStampedFieldPVCoordinates<T> pv) {
public <T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>
TimeStampedFieldPVCoordinates<T> transformPVCoordinates(
final TimeStampedFieldPVCoordinates<T> pv) {
return pv;
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