Commit e500ae87 authored by Bryan Cazabonne's avatar Bryan Cazabonne

Fixed Spotbug warning.

parent 55afe64d
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......@@ -2125,11 +2125,11 @@ public abstract class AbstractOrbitDetermination<T extends IntegratedPropagatorB
final double timeOfFlight = range.getTimeOfFlight();
// Transmit time
final AbsoluteDate transmitTime = range.getDate();
AbsoluteDate transmitTime = range.getDate();
// If epoch corresponds to bounce time, take into consideration the time of flight to compute the transmit time
if (range.getEpochEvent() == 1) {
transmitTime.shiftedBy(-0.5 * timeOfFlight);
transmitTime = transmitTime.shiftedBy(-0.5 * timeOfFlight);
// Received time taking into consideration the time of flight (two-way)
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