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<title>Orekit Changes</title>
<release version="11.0" date="TBD" description="TBD">
<release version="11.0" date="2021-09-13"
description="Orekit 10.0 is a major new release.
It includes both new features and bug fixes. New features introduced
in 11.0 are: orbit determination using SGP4/SDP4 models, a sequential
batch least squares estimator using initial covariance and state vector,
writer and parser for all CCSDS Navigation Data Messages in both KVN
and XML formats, version 2 of CCSDS Tracking Data Messages, version 3
of CCSDS Orbit Data Messages, support for Rinex navigation files,
support for IGS clock correction files, support for IGS real time
data including both SSR and RTCM messages, NTrip protocole, eclipses
by Moon in solar radiation pressure force, a new API for analytical
GNSS orbit propagators, removal of propagation modes, possibility
to add several step handlers for the same orbit propagation, a new
event detector for angular separation as seen from the spacecraft.
See the list below for a full description of the changes.">
<action dev="thomas" type="fix" issue="668">
Added a new event detector for angular separation as seen from the spacecraft.
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