Commit 61397aa0 authored by Bryan Cazabonne's avatar Bryan Cazabonne
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Fixed JavaDoc warning.

parent 24ba980a
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ public class CPF implements EphemerisFile<CPF.CPFCoordinate, CPF.CPFEphemeris> {
* If the header has not been read, the {@link #DEFAULT_ID} is used.
* </p>
* @param coord the P/V coordinate of the satellite
* @deprecated as of 11.0.1, replaced by {@link #addSatelliteCoordinates(String, CPFCoordinate)}
* @deprecated as of 11.0.1, replaced by {@link CPF#addSatelliteCoordinate(String, CPFCoordinate)}
public void addSatelliteCoordinate(final CPFCoordinate coord) {
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