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Some modifications are now automated

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......@@ -224,14 +224,6 @@ Remove `orekit-X.Y.source-jar*` since they are duplicates of the
`orekit-X.Y-sources.jar*` artifacts. (We can’t figure out how to make maven
stop producing these duplicate artifacts). Then click the “Close” button.
## Update Orekit in Orekit test site
One edit need to be made to the Orekit website before calling the vote. Fetch the current code:
git clone
Switch to `develop` branch and edit `_data/orekit/versions.yml` by adding the new version X.Y to the list.
## Calling for the vote
Everything is now ready so the developers and PMC can vote for the release.
......@@ -346,15 +338,8 @@ Github automically adds two assets (zip and tarball archives of the tagged sourc
Several edits need to be made to the Orekit website after the vote.
Edit `download/.htaccess` and replace the URLs of the 3 Orekit artifacts
with the ones used to create the release notes.
Edit `_data/orekit/versions.yml` and update the versions list.
Edit `_layouts/home_orekit.html` and update the text of the big button to use the new version.
Edit `overview.html` with the new Hipparchus version. Don't forget to update the
overview.png image with the new dependencies.
`overview.png` image with the new dependencies.
Create a new post for the release in `_post/`.
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