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Updated FieldOfViewDetector documentation.

Fixes #831
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......@@ -27,6 +27,12 @@ import org.orekit.utils.PVCoordinatesProvider;
/** Finder for target entry/exit events with respect to a satellite sensor
* {@link FieldOfView Field Of View}.
* <p>Beware that this detector is unaware of any bodies occluding line-of-sight to
* the target. It can be therefore used for many contexts from Earth Observation to
* interplanetary mission design. For instance, in an Earth Observation context,
* it can be easily combined to an {@link ElevationDetector} using
* {@link BooleanDetector#andCombine(java.util.Collection)} to calculate station
* visibility opportunities within the satellite's field of view.
* <p>The default implementation behavior is to {@link Action#CONTINUE continue}
* propagation at FOV entry and to {@link Action#STOP stop} propagation
* at FOV exit. This can be changed by calling
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