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Updated changes.xml for official release.

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<title>Orekit Changes</title>
<release version="10.3" date="TBD" description="TBD">
<release version="10.3" date="2020-12-21"
description="Version 10.3 is a minor release of Orekit.
It includes both new features and bug fixes. New features introduced
in 10.3 are: relativistic clock correction for range, phase, and range rate
measurements, piece wise models for empirical forces, one-way GNSS code
and phase measurements, support for laser ranging data (both CPF and
CRD formats), Lense-Thirring and De Sitter relativistic corrections to
satellite acceleration, support for AGI leap second files, new interfaces
for attitude ephemeris files, Knocke model for Earth's albedo and infrared,
as well as several other new features. This release includes an important
fix in DSST orbit determination allowing to used short period Jacobian
during state transition matrix calculation. It also fixes issues in Kalman
orbit determination and CCSDS ADM format. See the list below for a full
description of the changes.">
<action dev="bryan" type="update" issue="741">
Updated Hipparchus version to 1.8 and updated code with new functionalities.
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