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## Dependencies
Orekit relies on the following free software, all released under business
friendly free licenses.
Orekit relies on the following
[FOSS]( libraries,
all released under business friendly FOSS licenses.
### Compile-time/run-time dependencies
* [Hipparchus]( from the Hipparchus project released
under the Apache Software License, version 2
* [Hipparchus](, a mathematics library released under
the Apache License, version 2.0
### Test-time dependencies
* [JUnit 4]( from Erich Gamma and Kent Beck released
* [JUnit 4](, a widely used unit test framework released
under the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0
* [Mockito]( from Szczepan Faber and others,
* [Mockito](, a mocking framework for unit tests,
released under MIT license.
More detailed information is available in the
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