Commit b0a7e378 authored by Bryan Cazabonne's avatar Bryan Cazabonne

Corrected "if" condition.

parent f4dcfc2b
......@@ -139,12 +139,16 @@ public class RangeTroposphericDelayModifier implements EstimationModifier<Range>
// only consider measures above the horizon
if (elevation.getReal() > 0) {
final T delay = tropoModel.pathDelay(elevation, getStationHeightAMSL(field, station),
parameters, state.getDate());
// altitude AMSL in meters
final T height = getStationHeightAMSL(field, station);
// delay in meters
final T delay = tropoModel.pathDelay(elevation, height, parameters, state.getDate());
return delay;
} else {
return zero;
return zero;
/** Compute the Jacobian of the delay term wrt state using
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