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......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ Orekit-compatible objects as shown in the following code snippet:
Vector3D dV = opm.getManeuver(0).getdV();
SpacecraftState state = opm.generateSpacecraftState();
// getting orbit date the hard way:
AbsoluteDate orbitDate = opm.getSegments().get(0).get(Data).getStateVectorBlock().getEpoch();
AbsoluteDate orbitDate = opm.getSegments().get(0).getData().getStateVectorBlock().getEpoch();
Messages can be obtained by parsing an existing message or by using
the setters to create them from scratch, bottom up starting from the
......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ interfaces. As these interfaces do not provide access to header and metadata inf
that CCSDS writers need, these informations must be provided beforehand to the
writers. This is done by providing directly the header and a metadata template in
the constructor of the writer. Of course, writers for non-CCSDS message formats would use
different strategies to get their specific metadata. In the CCCSDS case, the metadata
different strategies to get their specific metadata. In the CCSDS case, the metadata
provided is only a template that is incomplete: the frame, start time and stop time will
be filled later on when the data to be written is available, as they will change for each
segment. The argument used as the template is not modified when building a writer, its
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