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Updated changes.xml for official release.

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<title>Orekit Changes</title>
<release version="11.1" date="TBD" description="TBD">
<release version="11.0.1" date="2021-10-22"
description="Version 11.0.1 is a patch release of Orekit.
It fixes an important issue related to the calculation of the relativistic
clock correction for GNSS measurements. It also fixes bugs in OEM and CPF
files writing. Finally it includes some improvements in the class documentation">
<action dev="bryan" type="fix" issue="846">
Fixed wrong computation of relativistic clock correction for GNSS measurements.
<action dev="bryan" type="fix" issue="845">
Fixed parsing of Rinex clock files.
<action dev="bryan" type="fix" issue="844">
Fixed null pointer exception when constructing CPF from coordinates.
<action dev="bryan" type="update" issue="843">
Improved documentation of solar radiation pressure class to include
additional information about osculating bodies.
<action dev="sdinot" type="update" issue="842">
Used the latest version of Maven available in RedHat 8.
<action dev="pascal" type="fix" issue="839">
Fixed handling of time system in OemWriter.
<action dev="bryan" type="update" issue="838" due-to="Kendra Hale">
Improved documentation of ImpulseManeuver class.
<release version="11.0" date="2021-09-20"
description="Orekit 11.0 is a major new release.
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