Commit f81e7168 authored by Luc Maisonobe's avatar Luc Maisonobe

Fixed Javadoc.

Fixes #479

Thanks to Javier for spotting the issue.
parent 01ef3125
......@@ -37,7 +37,11 @@ import org.orekit.utils.PVCoordinatesProvider;
* using rich force models and by continuous models built after numerical
* integration has been completed and dense output data as been
* gathered.</p>
* <p>Note that propagators are <em>not</em> thread-safe. There configuration
* can be changed as there is at least a {@link #resetInitialState(SpacecraftState)}
* method, and even propagators that do not support resetting state (like the
* {@link org.orekit.propagation.analytical.tle.TLEPropagator TLEPropagator} do
* cache some internal data during computation.</p>
* @author Luc Maisonobe
* @author V&eacute;ronique Pommier-Maurussane
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