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Fixed issue #980

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......@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@
<title>Orekit Changes</title>
<action dev="serrof" type="fix" issue="980">
Fixed wrong wrapper in deprecated KeplerianOrbit's and FieldKeplerianOrbit's methods for anomaly conversions.
<release version="11.3" date="2022-10-25"
description="Version 11.3 is a minor release of Orekit.
It includes both new features and bug fixes. New features introduced in 11.3 are:
......@@ -622,10 +622,10 @@ public class FieldKeplerianOrbit<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>> extends Fiel
* @param <T> type of the field elements
* @return v the true anomaly
* @deprecated As of 11.3, replaced by
* {@link FieldKeplerianAnomalyUtility#ellipticEccentricToMean(CalculusFieldElement, CalculusFieldElement)}.
* {@link FieldKeplerianAnomalyUtility#ellipticEccentricToTrue(CalculusFieldElement, CalculusFieldElement)}.
public static <T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>> T ellipticEccentricToTrue(final T E, final T e) {
return FieldKeplerianAnomalyUtility.ellipticEccentricToMean(e, E);
return FieldKeplerianAnomalyUtility.ellipticEccentricToTrue(e, E);
/** Computes the elliptic eccentric anomaly from the true anomaly.
......@@ -611,7 +611,7 @@ public class KeplerianOrbit extends Orbit {
* @deprecated As of 11.3, replaced by {@link KeplerianAnomalyUtility#ellipticMeanToEccentric(double, double)}.
public static double meanToEllipticEccentric(final double M, final double e) {
return KeplerianAnomalyUtility.ellipticEccentricToMean(e, M);
return KeplerianAnomalyUtility.ellipticMeanToEccentric(e, M);
/** Computes the mean anomaly from the elliptic eccentric anomaly.
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