1. 30 Mar, 2022 1 commit
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    • Evan Ward's avatar
      ShiftingTransformProvider.getStaticTransform() · fb1f5d2f
      Evan Ward authored
      Also implemented other sifted by methods used by
      ShiftingTransformProvider so that only rotation and translation is
      computed. Speed up of an additional ~1.2.
      Also added some tests.
      For #903
    • Evan Ward's avatar
      Implement TIRFProvider.getStaticTransfrom(...) · 089408a0
      Evan Ward authored
      Also added tests. Results in an additional speed up of 1.2 due to not
      computing LOD.
      For #903
    • Evan Ward's avatar
      Create StaticTransform & Frame.getStaticTransform · b28a7012
      Evan Ward authored
      StaticTransform is a new interface that only include information for
      transforming positions and directions. Transform is a subtype.
      Added a getStaticTransform() method to Frame. Some preliminary testing
      has shown a speed up of 1.5 compared to using getTransform() when
      transforming positions. This is because StaticTransform.combine(...) can
      ignore all the velocity and acceleration terms. (And that Orekit is very
      good at caching frame transforms so the full precession model is rarely
      Also added some missing methods to make Transform.IDENTITY more
      Also added some tests.
      For #903
    • Pascal Parraud's avatar
      Merge branch 'issue-906' into 'develop' · eb94e257
      Pascal Parraud authored
      Fixed unmanaged units in OMM
      See merge request orekit/orekit!247
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