Version 10.1.

Version 10.1 is a minor release, including both new features and bug fixes. The main changes are:

  • Combination of GNSS measurements.
  • Wind-up effect on GNSS measurements.
  • Support for Hatanaka compact RINEX format.
  • Laplace initial orbit determination method.
  • A new Field Of View package that includes circular, elliptical, dihedral and polygonal field of views.
  • Comparison methods in AbsoluteDate class.
  • Moved Orekit’s tutorials to a separate sister project.
  • NeQuick ionospheric model.
  • Improvement of the contributing guide.
  • Possibility to use multiplexed measurement.
  • IRNSS and SBAS analytical orbit propagators.
  • Possibility to write covariance matrices in OEM writers.
  • Default constructors for DSST force models.
  • Connection with Gitlab CI.
  • Improvement of release proceeding.
  • Implementation of the data loading proposal.
  • Several bug fixes in GNSS attitude models; orbit propagators; AbsoluteDate /ParameterDriversList / RinexLoader classes, inital orbit determination methods, orbit determination, etc

This version depends on Hipparchus 1.6