Version 11.0.

Version 11.0 is a major release, including both new features and bug fixes. The main changes are:

  • Orbit determination using TLE orbit propagator
  • Sequential batch least squares orbit determination
  • New method signatures for IOD using directly the measurement classes
  • Writer and parser for all CCSDS Navigation Data Messages in both KVN and XML formats
  • Version 2 of CCSDS Tracking Data Messages
  • Version 3 of CCSDS Orbit Data Messages
  • Support for Rinex navigation files
  • Support for IGS clock files
  • Support for IGS real time data including both SSR and RTCM messages and Ntrip protocole
  • Consideration of eclipses by Moon in solar radiation pressure force
  • New API for analytical GNSS propagators
  • Addition of the finish method to finalize propagation by step handlers. It replaces the previous isLast parameter of the handleStep method.
  • Removal of propagation modes (master, slave, and ephemeris)
  • Possibility to add several step handlers for the same orbit propagation
  • A lot of fixed bug

This version depends on Hipparchus 2.0