Version 11.1.2.

Version 11.1.2 is a patch release of Orekit. The main changes are:

  • Fixed missing tags in XML generation by EphemerisWriter.
  • Fixed rollover in CRD parser.
  • Fixed NaNs when constructing Keplerian orbit from PV computed from KeplerianOrbit.
  • Fixed ephemeris generation using PropagatorParallelizer.
  • Fixed event bracketing problem induced by numerical noise at end of search interval.
  • Fixed ephemeris generation with several derivatives providers.
  • Fixed wrong implementation of NTW LOF frame.
  • Fixed eD and eY equation in ECOM2 model.
  • Fixed unmanaged comment in OMM.
  • Fixed unmanaged units in OMM.
  • Fix StreamingOemWriter in ITRF and without optional fields.
  • Fix StreamingOemWriter without acceleration.
  • Fixed non-bracketing issue when RESET_STATE slightly moves an event at the start of a step and another regular event happens in the first half of the same step

This version depends on Hipparchus 2.1