Version 11.3.

Version 11.3 is a minor release of Orekit. The main changes are:

  • Added shiftedBy method for covariance matrix.
  • Added new class to handle covariance matrix.
  • Use Véronique Dehant table for station displacements due to tides.
  • Avoid losing last measurements in Kalman filter.
  • Accept new fields in CCSDS CDM files.
  • Added covariance transformation between local orbital frames.
  • Moved Keplerian anomaly conversion methods to KeplerianAnomalyUtility and FieldKeplerianAnomalyUtility, deprecating the methods in KeplerianOrbit and FieldKeplerianOrbit. Incorporated Gooding and Odell algorithm for solving the hyperbolic Kepler equation.
  • Added Unscented Semi-analytical Kalman Estimator.
  • Added Unscented Kalman Estimator.
  • Fixed documentation in BulletinAFilesLoader.
  • Fixed rejection of irregular TDM PATH field.
  • Added ephemeris based estimation.
  • Added method to get measurement types.
  • Improved AbsoluteDate.equals method with management of past and future infinity.
  • Added additional state provider for covariance matrix propagation.
  • Migrated all tests from JUnit4 to JUnit5.
  • Added method to convert to/from an Orekit frame and a CCSDS Frame.
  • Added ExtremumApproachEventDetector.
  • Added constructor to AggregateBoundedPropagator for more control over which propagator is used.
  • Added waypoint interpolation of PVCoordinatesProvider.
  • Added method to round DateTimeComponents for custom formatting.

This version depends on Hipparchus 2.3.