Release 7.0

This major release introduces many new features and bug fixes.

The new features introduced in version 7.0 are:

  • the complete DSST semi-analytical propagator with short-periodics terms (only mean elements were available in previous version),
  • extension to second order derivatives for many models (Cartesian coordinates, angular coordinates, attitude modes, ...),
  • bilinear interpolator in Saastamoinen model,
  • attitude overriding during impulsive maneuvers,
  • general relativity force model,
  • geographic zone detector,
  • ecliptic frame.

Several bugs have been fixed. One noteworthy fix concerns an inconsistency in Eckstein-Hechler propagator velocity, which leads to a change of the generated orbit type.

Version 7.0 depends on Apache Commons Math 3.4.1.