Creating Orekit 9.0 tag.

Version 9.0 is a major release of Orekit. It introduces several new features and bug fixes. New features introduced in version 9.0 are:

  • Taylor algebra propagation (for high order uncertainties propagation or very fast Monte-Carlo studies)
  • multi-satellites orbit determination
  • parallel multi-satellites propagation
  • parametric accelerations (polynomial and harmonic)
  • turn-around measurements
  • inter-satellite range measurements
  • rigth ascension/declination measurements
  • Antenna Phase Center measurements modifiers
  • EOP estimation in precise orbit determination
  • orbit to attitude coupling in partial derivatives
  • parsing of CCSDS Tracking Data Messages
  • parsing of university of Bern Astronomical Institute files for Klobuchar coefficients
  • ITRF 2014
  • preservation of non-Keplerian orbits derivatives
  • JB2008 atmosphere model
  • NRL MSISE 2000 atmosphere model
  • boolean combination of events detectors
  • ephemeris writer
  • speed improvements when tens of thousands of measurements are used in orbit determination
  • Danish translations

Several bugs have been fixed.

This version depends on Hipparchus 1.1 released in March 2017.