Commit 33fb35c5 authored by Guylaine Prat's avatar Guylaine Prat

Update changes page with Orekit 9.3.1

parent fcb304a5
......@@ -20,13 +20,11 @@
<title>Rugged Changes</title>
<release version="2.2-SNAPSHOT" date="TBD" description="TBD">
<release version="2.1" date="2019-03-14" description="This is a minor release.
It adds refraction in inverse location and fixes a few bugs. This version depends
on Orekit 9.3 and Hipparchus 1.4.">
on Orekit 9.3.1 and Hipparchus 1.4.">
<action dev="guylaine" type="update">
Updated dependencies to Orekit 9.3 and Hipparchus 1.4.
Updated dependencies to Orekit 9.3.1 and Hipparchus 1.4.
<action dev="luc" type="fix" issue="376">
Direct location may result to a null result in some very rugged region.
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