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# Rugged
**A sensor-to-terrain mapping tool**
_**A sensor-to-terrain mapping tool**_
Rugged is a free java library for geolocation and used for satellite imagery.
**Rugged is a free java library for geolocation and used for satellite imagery.**
Rugged is an add-on for [Orekit]( handling Digital Elevation Models contribution to
line of sight computation. It is a free software intermediate-level library written in Java.
It mainly provides direct and inverse location, i.e. it allows to compute accurately
which ground point is looked at from a specific pixel in a spacecraft instrument,
and conversely which pixel will see a specified ground point. This mapping between
ground and sensor is computed with a viewing model taking into account:
* ground Digital Elevation Model (DEM),
* Earth rotation will all its tiny irregularities,
* on-board sensor pixels individual line-of-sights,
* spacecraft motion and attitude,
* several physical effects.
Direct and inverse location can be used to perform full ortho-rectification of
images and correlation between sensors observing the same area.
Homepage: [](
* [Overview](src/site/markdown/
* [Getting the sources](src/site/markdown/
* [Building](src/site/markdown/
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