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Updated building from scratch

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The python orekit wrapper requires:
- a python 2.X installation
- The JCC tool
- a python installation (version 2.3-2.7)
- The JCC tool version 2.19 or later
- a java JDK
The easiest way to install the orekit wrapper is to use pre-build packages.
To build the wrapper from scratch:
Place the java wrapper source file in the orekit source tree. Compile an
orekit jar file including the wrapper.
Place this jar file together with apache-commons-math jar file in the same
directory as the provided build file, and execute the build. Note that
the end command of the build may need to be change according to your needs,
"install","bdist_winist" etc.
One common failure is that the JCC package cannot reach the java virtual machine.
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