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Align attitude with propagation frame

Evan Ward requested to merge propagator-attitude-frame-586 into develop

Implemented for all analytic and the GlONASS propagator. The DSST and Numerical propagator do not have a frame available in their constructor, so the new behavior could not be implemented. Aligning the attitude frame with the propagation frame speeds up propagation when the user does not care about attitude and it many cases it removes a dependence on the default data context.

With analytic propagators using this attitude provider instead of the default has been observed to result in a speed up of 2 in some cases, e.g. with the TLEPropagator.

Chang is backwards incompatible.

I included a commit to deprecate InertialProvider.EME2000_ALIGNED since it has not been used as the default for a while but we can leave that out if anyone would prefer.

Fix #586 (closed)

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