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Draft: Fixed issue 1334: Plug in more Hipparchus interpolators

Vincent CUCCHIETTI requested to merge vcucchie/orekit:issue-1334 into develop


I have started to work on #1334 so here is the MR.

I would like to have your thoughts on the current work (hence MR marked as draft).

Currently, this is very simple but i think that it could be interesting to be able to choose separate interpolators for position, velocity and acceleration for example (same thing for each orbital element).

Counting on you @Serrof ;).

Cheers, Vincent

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that i tweaked the interpolation behaviour for orbits because it took into account keplerian mean motion while interpolating (initially there because of Hermite interpolation). I commented out the line responsible for this but i wanted to make sure that it was ok to do so first.

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