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......@@ -18,8 +18,7 @@ Contacts
Mailing lists
Most discussions should occur on the public mailing lists. As Rugged
heavily depends on Orekit, they share the same low traffic announces list.
Most discussions should occur on the public mailing lists.
| topic | post address | subscribe URL | archive URL |
......@@ -43,3 +43,43 @@ Rugged is also available in maven central repository,
with groupID org.orekit and artifactId rugged so maven
internal mechanism will download automatically all artifacts and dependencies
as required.
| package | link |
| source | []( |
| binary | [rugged-1.0.jar]( |
| javadoc | [rugged-1.0-javadoc.jar]( |
version 1.0 downloads (release date: 2016-02-10)
## Data
For convenience, a zip archive containing some configuration data is
available for download. Similar files can be custom made by users with updated data.
Configuring data loading is explained in the configuration page For a start, the simplest configuration
is to download the file from the download page, to unzip it anywhere you want, note the
path of the orekit-data folder that will be created and add the following lines at the start of
your program:
File orekitData = new File("/path/to/the/folder/orekit-data");
DataProvidersManager manager = DataProvidersManager.getInstance();
manager.addProvider(new DirectoryCrawler(orekitData));
This file contents is:
* leap seconds data up to early 2016,
* IERS Earth orientation parameters from 1973 to mid 2014
with predicted date to end 2014 for some parameters (both IAU-1980 and IAU-2000),
* Marshall Solar Activity Futur Estimation from 1999 to 2014,
* DE 430 planetary ephemerides from 1990 to 2069,
* Eigen 06S gravity field.
There are no guarantees that this file will be available indefinitely or that its
content will be updated. It should be considered as a simple configuration example.
Users are encouraged to set up their own configuration data.
The file is available by following this link: [](
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