version 10.3.

Version 10.3 is a minor release, including both new features and bug fixes. The main changes are:

  • Fix of short period Jacobian calculation in DSST orbit determination
  • Fix Kalman issues
  • Fix CCSDS ADM issues
  • Relativistic clock correction for most of measurements
  • Piecewise model for empirical forces
  • One-way GNSS Range and Phase measurements
  • Support for Laser Ranging data (i.e. both CPF & CRD formats)
  • Lense-Thirring and De Sitter relativistic effects
  • Clock drift for RangeRate measurements
  • Support for AGI LeapSecond.dat files
  • New interfaces for attitude ephemeris files
  • Knocke model for Earth’s albedo and infrared
  • Possibility to use multiple handlers for one event detector

This version depends on Hipparchus 1.8